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Booked to Dine Book Club News

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MrsK's Booked to Dine Book Reviews

Book's we have read all in one place!

Welcome Readers.....


Our "Booked to Dine" book club has been meeting for many, many years.  We are book connoisseurs, educators, gardeners, returning students, quilters, parents/grandparents, and cooks!


It all began one day while I read "The Book Club" by Mary Alice Munroe.  It was one of those moments when you just wanted to share with your friends and you didn't want to call each one.... yep, this was prior to cell phones or texting!  I continued my reading with a bit of sadness that I had no one to share with.  Some of these characters were begging to be introduced beyond my inner voice.  Days passed and then May began.  With May as a birthday marker, I decided to throw myself a birthday party. We would dine on:

  • finger sandwiches = cucumber; chicken salad (without the crust)
  • picnic noodle salad
  • green salad with everything I could add (lettuce, tomatoes, celery, radishes, cheddar cheese cubes, green beans, olives, sunflower seeds, diced boiled eggs)
  • little dishes with Spanish peanuts/colored mints
  • fresh made lemonaide/PG tips ice tea with lemmon/ Yorkshire Gold hot tea (with a touch of wiskey) for book discussion
  •  lemmon cake with boiled icing and coconut


Invitations were written on flowery stationary, books were wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.  8 books were sent and the day of the book club arrived.  The table was set with crystal, lace, hankies for napkins, flowers, and instrumental classical music was playing in the cassette player.  God brought me sun, a light breeze, a great read, and a circle of women who have been, and continue to be, my inner circle of love... laughter... strength.... friendship!


Below you will find a list of our book choices (not a complete list since we only had little date calendars to write our choices on), yet it should give you some ideas.... even if some are out of print.... why not have a field trip to an old bookstore!


Happy Reading,


The Book Club

Mary Alice Monroe

click for other "book club" titles


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