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MrsK's Book Review Policies

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Welcome to Mrs.K Books Review Information 

MrsK Reading Blog



    MrsK's Published Reviews


    Review Policy


    "A reader's special moment for inspiration and a simple moment of beauty begins when a book is opened!"



    If you are an author/ publisher looking for a book review, please let me know via email: 



    Please include: Title, Author, Cover Image, Book Synopsis, and Genre in your email

    I accept physical copies of Everybody Picture Books, Beginning Readers, 1-4 Grade, and Middle School/YA genre books. I also read Graphic Novels and Comics for grades 1-8. If you are a Christian publisher or author, I would be honored to review any age/type of genre/NF. 

    I do not review Romance (unless it's Christian), Erotica, or Horror literature. 

    If you would like to mail physical copies of books, please email me for my address. 

    My Rating Scale:

    Amazing read

    Added to my shelf


     Really Enjoyable
     Worth reading it  


    If I dislike a book, for whatever reason, you will never see a review of it here.  I will not prejudice any reader against a book that they might really enjoy.  I respect the relationship between the author and the reader, I respect the author's purpose, and I respect every reader's freedom to choose what they wish to read, experience, learn from, and enjoy.

    Contact Links:

    Email: kim_shealy@yahoo.com

     MrsK Reading Blog



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