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Blast into Winter's Wonderland

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 Blast into Winter's Wonderland . . . .

                     with these "out of this world" discoveries !  

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Welcome to this wintery discovery of amazing titles, author websites, book blogs, and cyberspace connections. 


You have an open invitation to check back often............ I will be surfing the Internet for winter explorations that will give you beyond the classroom insights.  The winter months are a perfect time for exploring what publishers are promoting for the Holiday season and their New Year's "Book Seller" listings, it is truely the "season to browse" the best new titles and Internet author interviews.............. I will keep you informed on a weekly basis about what's new within the literary world.


Enjoy your investigations,



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 Christmas Holiday Joy:

 Away in a Manger by Thomas Kinkade  ISBN: 0-06-078730-9

Remembering the "heart" of the Christmas season is the first gift of Christmas, the baby Jesus.  Kinkade's artistic crafting of this beloved carol brings the manger scene to life.  While bringing readers on a journey from the manger in Bethlehem into the village life of a child, this inspiring journey will lead to a destination of love, hope, and memories of being read to by those who love children the most.

Author's website

Can You See What I See?: The Night Before Christmas: Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve  Can You See What I See? Night Before Christmas I Spy by Walter Wick  ISBN: 0-439-76927-2

Hours of fun will be had by all with this picture puzzle search and solve.  Wick's amazing creativity of object scenes is extraordinary.  Sure to bring shouts of discovery, this book is full of seasonal explorations.

Author's website

Holly Pond Hill: A Child's Book of Christmas  Holly Pond Hill: A Child's Book of Christmas by Susan Wheeler  ISBN#: 0-525-47017-4

This perfect book of poetry is delightful.  Wheeler's illustrations create moments of pure joy as her little creatures spring forth into familar holiday scenes of home, family, love, and laughter.  Every age will enjoy these heart-warming moments for the Christmas season.


A Christmas Carol   A Christmas Carol adapted by Stephen Krensky  ISBN: 0-06-028577-X

True to the authentic time period of Charles Dicken's, this adaptation is beautifully crafted with illustrations by Dean Morrissey.  Christmas of old is brought to life as this story is read aloud for all ages.  Walking into the Christams settings of the past reminds everyone the splendor of this season's celebrations, joy, hope, and kindness towards others.

Author's  website

Illustrator's website

Charles Dickens' history

Lynn Hollyn's Christmas Toyland Christmas Toyland by Lynn Hollyn  ISBN: 0-394-87631-8

Give flight to your imagination with this Swedish folk tale about a nineteenth-century Christmas Eve as the Lind children discover their toys have a midnight adventure filled with greetings, celebrations, and a journey to their own Christmas banquet deep within the snow-covered forest.  This is a delightful read aloud for tucking all in for a Christmas Eve's night of wonderous dreaming.


Christmas Treasury Christmas Treasury by Jan Brett  ISBN: 0-399-23741-0

Seven delightful holiday stories within this one volume, what a wonderful reading adventure.  Every reader will get lost in Brett's amazing illustrations, so much too see on every page.  Perfect reading for those evenings around the fire.

Author's website

A Gift from St. Nicholas  A Gift From St. Nicholas by Cristine Bolley  ISBN: 1-56292-774-4

What does it mean to give a gift?  Saint Nicholas began the exchange of gifts so many years ago.....what is now a tradition was once an inspired thought for this compassionate man.  Learn all about the reason for the giving and become inspired in your gift exchange this season.

St. Nicholas history site

2610983  Jingle Bell Mice by Lisa McCue  ISBN: 0-8167-4380-0

Jingle bells all the way.  Take a moment to sing aloud with this rolicking adventure and the most adorable creatures any forest has ever housed.  Simply an enjoyable reading opportunity for everyone.


Merry Christmas, From Biscuit  Merry Christmas, from Biscuit  by Alyssa Satin Capucilli  ISBN: 0-439-44197-8

Biscuit is just so charming, especially when it comes to wrapping the gifts and decorating the tree.  Stockings, cookies, and guests just tuckers out this little fellow during all of the holiday celebrations.  Completely adorable reading!

Author's website

The Story of Holly and Ivy The Story of Holly & Ivy retold by Rumer Godden  ISBN: 0-670-80622-6

Is there any better holiday story than the love of a child and her hoped for doll?  This charming tale of a young orphan who wishes for the lonely doll in the toy store window provides the spirit of the first gift of Christmas, a child and love !  For at the moment Ivy wishes for the doll and a home of her own, the doll wishes for a childs love and there is a couple who is wishing for a child......this story is like the glue that binds Christ's love during this holy season of His love for us.  The illustrations are crafted by Barbara Cooney who captures the charm of this traditional holiday tale.

Author history

Illustrator history

Wintry Tales for all ages:

Baby in a Basket  Baby in a Basket by Gloria & Ted Rand  ISBN: 0-525-65233-7

 As this true story of survival unfolds, you will be swept away with the excitement of a family in Fairbanks, Alaska who get seperated when their sleigh plunges into the Delta Rivery during a winter storm.  Where is the basket with Baby Ann?  You will cheer for her to be found while you realize how important and valuable each person in your family is.

Author website


One Wintry Night One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham  ISBN: 0-8010-3848-0

During a winter's storm a young boy finds safety and comfort in a cabin complete with warmth, food, and a nuturing woman whom passes the long hours by recreating the stories from Genesis unto Christ's resurrection.  Each chapter is not only pleasing to the eye, it calms your soul with an author's voice filled with the peace and joy of the greatest story ever told. This is a beautifully crafted book that will inspire hope, warmth, and enriching conversation during these first few weeks of January.  A wonderful way to carry on the Christmas glory into the long winter months.

Author's Website 

The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto  The True Story of Balto by Natalie Standiford  ISBN: 0-394-89695-5

In Nome, Alaska one of the worst snow storms has hit the area.  It's 1925, and there are very sick children needing medicine.  Balto is the lead dog of a sled team carrying the medicine.  Will Balto get through this "blinding" storm?  Full of excitement, this story will cause you to turn the pages and cheer Balto on.

Author's website

Balto's site

Balto & Iditarod activities

The Cabin Key  The Cabin Key by Gloria & Ted Rand  ISBN: 0-15-213884-6

"There's a good woodsy smell. Some kerosene lamps. An icebox.......The cabin is full of stories........Our family's come to the cabin for years and years.  Here's the key.  Come on in....."  With this type of an invitation, who wouldn't want to join a family returning to their winter cabin. The Rand's have passed on their family's memories in this glorious story.  You are invited not just to open the book, you are invited to be a part of their family and once inside the cabin.....you will find that sharing this story every year with your children and then their children will become a tradition just as rich as that of the Rand's.

Rand's website

 First Snow  First Snow by Emily Arnold McCully  ISBN: 0-06-443181-9

During the first snow of the winter, a family of mouse children are thrilled to go sledding.  Yet, for the littlest mouse child the "whoosh down the hill looks far too scary."  This is such a fun wordless picture book. Within this book there are numerous stories to discuss, with simple joy-filled adventurous characters that surely will bring "squeals" and "giggles" of delight.

Author website

Winter Tales of the Snowbabies Winter Tales of the Snowbabies by Department 56  ISBN: 0-9622603-4-7

"Once upon a time.....in a far off wintry land, Jack Frost grew lonely and took the task to hand."  So begins numerous tales about those impish snowbabies, you know the ones...they are ceramic figurines that have so much fun playing in the snow.  This collection of stories and poetry will delight readers of all ages.  Filled with snowbaby legends and wonderful illuminated illustrations, wintry nights will flow into dreams of pure winter imagination.

Snowbabies: Did you Know

Snowbaby History

Winter's Child  Winter's Child by Mary K Whittington  ISBN: 0-689-31685-2

What is the legend of young Winter and the discovery of the little Spring child?  With beautifully crafted air-brushed illustrations, this legend begins the journey towards springtime.  With such a divine tale, your winter can make room for the spring-time blossoms. 


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   Are you ready for some winter surfing?

                       Check out these on-line avenues of discoveries. . . .

                                                     . . . . . .here are a mixture of interesting: 



seasonal gaming

chilly exploration sites

author insights

slammin' poetry connections

artistic design creations

nature's mysteries



Winter reading search for all ages: http://www.kidsreads.com 



Nativity Online Word Scramble

Nativity Drag & Paste Sticker Game 

Build a Snowman 

Winter Deer Puzzle 

Place the Penguins 



Winter Learn2Draw  



Who was Snowflake Bently? 

Snowflakes & Crystals 




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  Check into your Public Library for great fall discoveries and book club options:

  Don't forget you can always put any title on hold at your local library just click the following Library link:

  • then locate the "Catalog" navigational button
  • enter the book's title and search
  • have your library card ready to put the title on hold (some library's will send the book to you in the mail)


Fort Vancouver Regional Library: http://www.fvrl.org

Camas Public Libraryhttp://www.ci.camas.wa.us/library

Multnomah County Libraryhttp://www.multcolib.org


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With full days back in school, you might need just some time to explore beyond your classroom, make the connection into a cyberspace classroom.These electronic pathfinders will ignite your engines and blast you into the safety galaxy of Internet explorations.


Cyberspace Journeys    

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