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Spring Literary Explorations

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Welcome Spring Readers,


A new season for renewed energy, blooming possibilities, and delightful discoveries.  Springtime is a great opportunity to begin reading about your gardens, locating new recipes, as well as "digging" into those great internet links that will provide to resources for your passions.


Doesn't it feel wonderful with Spring in the air.  Throwing open your windows and doors to catch the cool freshness from outside.  The early morning chatter of the birds and the beautiful budding of promised blooms peeking through the earth or sprouting on the plants.  What a truely beautiful wake-up call of creation being renewed.  Simply glorious......


During the course of the next 3 months, March..April...May, I will be posting a few calendar reads and many wonderful new "outdoor" reading finds.  Spring time brings cool-crisp mornings of promise, I so remember sitting on my front porch waiting to leave for school and knowing it was sweater weather....no coats...no more!  Memories of making and flying kites, shopping at nurseries for the garden spots, and garden preparations with my Grandfather.  Every Easter season brings back that spit-and-polished cleanliness, you know those days of spring cleaning for the family gathering, the collecting of yummy foods, the clothes shopping and photo appointments.  Is there anything better than our memories of getting your Easter clothes on, oh goodness...how I loved my lace anklets and  white patent leather shoes so shinny and new.  So much fun to try on the bonnets for just the right look and finally slipping my hands in my new spring gloves.  Of course, the final touch was adding my newest hankie into my little spring purse and hearing it click shut.  Yes, I was all ready for early morning church, our journey home to Silverton, and a day of exciting egg hunts, food, laughter, and abounding joy.  Just a quick moment of blessings for this amazing season of joy, hope, and love.....


Since this posting will include three months of interesting finds, educational discoveries, and amazing new insights....please continue to scroll to the end of the page....each month will have calendar links, new book reviews, and seasonal finds......


Enjoy your re-newing discoveries,

Mrs. K


This month's reading picks...... 

  A wee-bit-of-the-Irish choices for March:

Danny Boy: The Legend of th...  Danny Boy by Malachy McCourt    ISBN: 0-451-20806-4

With a delightful voice, McCourt takes us on a short journey of exploration into the meanings and mysteries about this beloved Irish song.  Do you know about the seige of Derry in 1689?  What about a boxing match from 1930 which reminded me of John Wayne's "Quiet Man.?"  Check out these "lively" and fascinating cultural meanings during this month of Irish celebrations.

Author's website

 Enchanted Ireland Enchanted Ireland by Richard Turbin & Paul Lay  ISBN: 0-7607-2396-6

Maybe your days are starting to get out of control and all you have time for is a "coffee-table" look-see, well this is the book of Ireland pictures that will take you away on a short vacation.  Turbin's views of Ireland are expertly woven with Lay's extraordinary commentaries.  Enjoy a moment beyond your front room with this book.

Jewels of the Sun (Gallaghe...  Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts    ISBN: 0-7394-0577-2

Nothing could be finer than a new start in a quaint cottage above the Irish cliffs.  With the idea that an ex-psychology professor would write a paper about Irish folklore, Jude Murray begins more than a six month stay in Ireland.  She becomes a part of the local legend, with a wee-bit-of-romance to boot.  This is the first in a trilogy that will be as enduring as any Irish folktale.

Author's website

 This is My Wish for You - Mini  This Is My Wish For You by Charles Livingston Snell & Harold Darling   ISBN: 0-9621131-4-X

Could you be in the mood for a beautiful and enchanting poem that will leave your heart feeling filled to overflowing with an old-world charm.  This poem leaves you satisfied better than the best chocolate...... A must read "gift" for yourself.


Spring-time Inspirations for April:


Six Hours One Friday: Livin... Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado    ISBN: 1-59052-052-1

In this inspiring collection of stories, everything is connected back to what Jesus took to the cross for you.  In spite of the storms you might be experiencing, there is hope.  These three messages are designed to provide strength when you are feeling overwhelmed: 1. My life is not futile.....2. My failures are not fatal.....3. My death is not final! Find your hope.....

Author's website

Beyond The Garden Gate  Beyond the Garden Gate by Thomas Kinkade   ISBN: 1-56507-540-4

Beautifully crafted paintings with inspirational quotes that will lift your wintery blues and brighten your spring mornings.

Author's website

Tracy Porter's Dreams from ... Dreams From Home by Tracy Porter   ISBN: 0-8362-6773-7

Bringing the beauty of Spring into your home can brighten even the darkest corners.  This book will provide numerous moments for uplifting "quick" reading, as well as nuturing your creative design "seedlings" which are just waiting for this type of springtime feeding.

Author's website

 Great Outdoor May Discoveries:

   Garden Style: Bringing the Outdoors In by Mary Wynn Ryan   ISBN: 0-7853-6474-9

Springtime brings that urge to brighten up your favorite rooms, throw open those shutters and open the windows.  And yet, sometimes the seasonal rains are still keeping you inside......well why not begin with one or two of those areas in your living space that could bring spring colors and designs into bloom.  This book has those little touches and entire room make-overs that will inspire you to welcome spring within your home. 

Local CSA Farms

                                  BHG Gardening Slide Shows                                  National Gardening Association         

American Horticultural Society: Master Gardeners

                                  Buchart Gardens                       Wayside Gardens                        Gardens Online

P. Allen Smith

                                     Rose Gardens                             Victorian Gardens                                Heirloom Roses


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Educator's Spring Instructional Design Tools: 

Resources is an important aspect for educators and on-line connections with other educators is one of the best 21st century options for our instructional design success.  Have you been looking for a way to ignite student interest with active participation?  Try some of these excellent themes and lessons, it only takes a few moments to scan these sites and locate inspiring examples then add your personal touch. 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Student Spring Readers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Are you ready to  "spring forward " into a good book?


    Student Spring Readers        



A reader's special moment for inspiration and a simple moment of beauty:

Locate a soothing drink, relax into your chair, and click this video link for a purely beautiful journey beyond the hustle and bustle of fall madness.  Come back often or save this link to your favorites for those crisp early mornings or in the quiet of a overly long evening, you will always find something that inspires you in a deeper sense: a blessing from the scenery beyond your front door !

Inspirational Quotes: Words of Wisdom



Have you tried the new Play-aways at your public Libraries?  If not, go on-line and put one on hold.  The are just as light weight as an iPod, yet you have so many options for book-marking and sound speeds.  Even better than listening to the CD's in your car....... Check out this blog site about audio books.


The Literature Network   


Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg



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