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SL: Resources

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Resources Beyond the Classroom

As taken from the Impact Sign Company Website


As you have recognized, the signals in sign language are often based off the actions we would take in the situation. Saying hello is typically a wave. The word baby signed looks like rocking a baby. Many of the signs have historic origins. In earlier days, men almost always wore hats, therefore, the sign for boys and men is a mimed tipping of the hat.


Adding facial expressions or modifying the way the signs are performed, change the way the signs are received, much like the tones in our voice express a emotion. This is especially useful when signing a song, because so much emotion is expressed in the tone of the music. It allows the reader to visualize the impact of the music without needing to hear it.


Lip reading is another language tool used by the deaf. It is the art of understanding language by learning the forms the mouth takes to form words. At one time, it was emphasized to be a more social art than sign language. There are some limitations, however. It can be difficult to read the lips of a person with obtrusive facial hair or a person who is an under expressive speaker. There is also the issue of words appearing to look the same when spoken, such as “I love you” and “olive juice.” Dispite the limitations, it can b a wonderful aid for the hard of hearing.  To read more click here.


Different Sign Launguages:

• How many sign languages exist in the world? Deaf Action Committee for Sign Writing

• Michigan State University an ASL dictionary-video browser that teaches individual signs to those wishing to learn the language.

• BSL British sign language page that teaches the alphabet

• Kenya Signing This website offers a fun game in which you click on an object and it does something silly then an interpreter shows you the sign for the item you clicked on.

• Nicaraguan Sign Language an article on where the Nicaraguan’s got sign language

• Hand Talk American Indian Sign Language

• LIS Italian sign language website. Site includes an online dictionary, forum and news site.


The History of Sign Language:

• Brief History of ASL a timeline from the 5th century of how the deaf language was viewed

• History of Interpreting The history of British sign language

• How Old is Sign Language? An article suggesting that an Italian physician discovered the deaf could be taught symbols.

• Redditch Deaf Club  a sign language history as told by the deaf community in Britain.

• Sign Language Studies  Historic Sign Language Films and the Preservation of American Sign Language

• UC Davis The Structure and History of Black ASL

• New Zealand Sign Language Act a brief history of what happened during the development of the New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006.


Sign Language and Spoken English:

• What is "sign language"? A more recent history of signing and the differences to signed English.

• Sign Language Studies continuities vs. discontinuities in the emergence of language

• ASL Overview The use of language, nouns, pronouns, sign structure and verb nuances

• Language and Linguistics why the study of signing is important to linguistics

• Sign and spoken language interpreting a componential approach to skills development

• Oxford Journals Similarities and Differences between Spoken Languages and Natural Sign Languages

• World Atlas of Language Structures a chapter in study: Irregular Negatives in Sign Languages

• Massey University abstract - Spoken language and sign language

• The Journal of Neuroscience Morphology of the Insula in Relation to Hearing Status and Sign Language Experience

• A View from Europe Spoken Language Processing and Multimodal Communication

• American Scientist The Gestural Origins of Language Human language may have evolved from manual gestures


Teaching Sign to Primates:

• Primates and Language a certified language mechanic gives her viewpoint on primates and language

• Experiment Module Attempts To Teach Language to Primates

• Primate Behavior an article on the study of nonhuman primate behavior to help us better understand our own species behavior.

• A Conversation with Koko information on Koko the resident ape who has been speaking in sign language for more than 25 years

• Mad Science the question asked is: How well would an educated primate do on a Turing style test?

• Partners in Research how health of primates and their communication skills are helping science in working with newborns

• Bonobo Peace Keeping A Comparison of Some Similar Chimpanzee and Human Behaviors

• Culture and Nonhuman Primates teaching sign language to chimpanzees

• Do animals have language? A module lesson in animal behaviors

• Gibbons: The Forgotten Ape a gibbon capable of rudimentary sign language


The Art of Lipreading:

• Department of Phonetics and Linguistics article: Speech reading of words and sentences by normally hearing and hearing impaired Chinese.

• Lip-reading article: Speech: A sight to Behold – speaks about the nuances and challenges of lip reading.

• Deaf and Hard of Hearing the benefits of lip reading and body motion when used by the hard of hearing.

• Students who lip-read teaches proper etiquette when speaking to those who use lip reading.

• Becoming a Lipreading Teacher  this fact sheet provides information on how to train as a lip reading teacher, what courses are available and where to apply for funding.

• Lip-Reading or Speech-Reading  What it is, how to learn it and the benefits of lip reading

• Irish Deaf information on the benefits of lip reading and cochlear implants for children

• Lipreading across multiple views Queensland University abstract paper on the science of lip-reading

• Learning to Really Listen One woman’s story of going from lip reading to hearing.


Teaching Children:

• Baby Signs how to talk to your baby before your baby can talk

• Baby signing a useful article on the benefits of baby signing with your child

• UK Baby Sign Simple baby signing as used in the UK


Additional Resources:

• Gallaudet a timeline of the History of Gallaudet and the Deaf Community

• Signing Week The deaf in Ireland, the use of ISL, with basic information and a link to learn more

• About American Sign Language learning and using ASL linguistics, learning the language and more useful information

• Speechreading (Lipreading) a page of links to websites on the subject

• ASL University Lessons through this site are the equivalent to a 1,2, & 3rd college level language study.


Thank you Mrs. Clark and your students for locating and inspiring the creation of these links...

Ms Tonya Marie Clark
"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."

Ben Sweetland 

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