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WC: Homework 2

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Welcome back to your second homework exploration.  This month's discoveries is all about the Plug-ins.  What works and what doesn't.  Which ones you will be using on your classroom wiki and which ones you might not use other than for this homework project.  As an example homework page, check out my summer Wiki page:

  • simply copy it... 
  • add a page to your "Wiki Camp" folder.... 
  • paste my formatted template on your new page... 
  • and edit out my examples.

 Then enjoy the process of creating interactive learning tools.


Interactive Media and How to use it: 

  • Chat rooms - when they work and when not to use them
  • Videos - tips on video recording software for teachers, and how to quickly embed videos on your wiki page 
  • What video and picture services are there for educators to use for free 
  • What to be aware of when using photos, video and podcasts (aka - no personal photos on a public wiki!)



Homework Resources

  • Week Two Resources  - These resources are located on our PBworks community workspace (Educators.pbworks.com).  This is not a summer camp workspace, but a community workspace for everyone that uses PBworks. 


Homework Assignment

  • Read through all of the Week Two Resources
  • Create a new page on your camp wiki
  • Name your new page, "CW: Week 2," and add it to your Camp Wiki folder
  • Use these tools to create your own multimedia plugin. Embed or upload it to your Homework 2 page 

For example, you could create a:


What to look for:


Instructions on how to embed interactive media on your workspace:


For all tools EXCEPT for youtube and teacher tube follow these directions:


1. Use one of the tools in the PBworks directory and create a video, survey, pool, voice thread, etc.


2. On your PBworks page click "insert plugin"  



3. Chose HTML & gadgets --->HTML/ Java Script


4.  Paste the embed code:



How to embed a video:

(Hint: use the video plugin)

Embedding Video from PBworks Support on Vimeo.

Embedding Video from Support Center on Vimeo.



MrsK Example Homework Page 

MrsK Example Homework 2 Template 


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