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Library Targets

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 Welcome to your Library/Media Center! 


*In the LMC... I will....*

I am Respectful:
I listen quietly when someone is speaking
· I keep my hands and feet to myself
· I follow directions

I use a whisper voice when sharing with others
· After checkout I read quietly at my table/computer and do not disturb others

I will use the computer's key board once directions have been given

I am Responsible:
I use a shelf marker when looking for a book
· I handle books and other library materials gently and with care
· I return my books to the library on time
· I help others when needed

I return the computer screen back to the main page

I push in my chair any time I step away from my computer station

I am Ready to Learn:
When I come with my class, I enter the library and sit in my seat quietly
· When I come by myself, I work productively without disturbing others
· I think carefully about what others have to say
· I ask and answer questions thoughtfully
· I choose books at my “just right” level





Computer Targets 

  • Use your partner voices
  • Place keyboard on the tower
  • Headphones to the top left
  • Mouse to the top right
  • Check printer for your work
  • Return the document stands to  the white file
  • Push your chair in
  • Pick up any garbage or scraps off of the floor


Use the

5 Finger Count

to check if

that book is

"Just Right"

for you !

Library Reading Targets:  

  1. I can choose the right book for me...... 5 finger rule
  2. I know how to use library resources to locate information that will answer my questions

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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