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Green Mt SD Principal Reportcard

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Green Mountain School


13105 NE Grinnell Road

Woodland, WA 98674


Phone: 360.225.7366 

FAX: 360.225.2217














Green Mountain School Mission Statement:

Green Mountain School District is committed to providing students with a quality, challenging, flexible educational program that will equip them for their future emphasizing the core values of honesty, responsibility, courage, teamwork and grace. Green Mountain strives to provide these programs and impart these values in a safe and secure environment through caring educators and staff in partnership with the community, school board, and administration.

Year in Review - 2011-2012

Continuous Improvement Plan

 Green Mountains' outstanding staff works hard to continually improve their skills in their work with children. All of our teachers currently work to integrate curriculum and to infuse the arts into the academic life of our school.....................................................................................................................................................................................................


MSP scores along with classroom and district assessments were used to create our Districts' Student Learning Plan (.....).  Grade level teams identified goals and specific instructional strategies to deliver effective instruction based on the needs of our students.  Our Student Learning Team reviews data for any student that would benefit from additional support.  Our teams meet on a regular basis to review student responses, lesson plans, interventions and enhancements in order to ensure student success.


We were pleased with our 2012 MSP results........... Once again we were listed as an OSPI school of distinction.


On Jan. 8, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). This act was developed around four basic education reform principles: stronger accountability for results, increased flexibility and local control, expanded options for parents, and an emphasis on teaching methods that have been proven One of the act's new accountability measures is a requirement that all schools, school districts and states publish “report cards” that contain specific data elements highlighting the progress of public schools.


These report cards provide disaggregated data on the state´s assessment, the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, by the five major racial/ethnic subgroups; gender; disability; English proficiency; migrant/bilingual status; and economic standing. These reports also include data on school demographics; teacher qualifications; graduation and dropout rates for secondary students; and school improvement status.


In place of the past Annual Yearly Progress requirements, the state has developed Annual Measureable Objectives, which were released on September 27. The state’s goal is to cut proficiency gaps in half by 2017. Proficiency gaps are the difference between a group’s current level of proficiency and 100 percent. Scores are measured from the baseline year of 2011. Proficiency gaps will vary by school and by subgroup. NCLB still requires all public schools and school districts to pub-lish "report cards" that contain specific information highlighting their schools’ progress, including the results of the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP).


Washington State believes these report cards can provide educators, parents, community members and the general public with important information about local public schools. It is the support of all of these stakeholders that ensures the success of all students in our state.  

Green Mountain SD Reportcard 

Information from the U.S Department of Education about the No Child Left Behind policy.


School Snapshot 

School Type: Public School
Enrollment: 154
Grade span: 0-8

Teacher Statistics
Students Per Classroom Teacher: 19
Average Years of Educational Experience: 9.5
Percent of Teachers With At Least Master Degree: 50.0%

Adequate Yearly Progress
School Met AYP: Yes
Met Reading: Yes
Met Reading Participation: Yes
Met Math: Yes
Met Math Participation: Yes
Met Other Indicator: Yes


2011-2012 MSP Results: 

Grade Level  Reading  Math  Writing  Science 
 3rd Grade  66.7% 76.2%     
 4th Grade 50.0%  64.3%  42.9%   
 5th Grade 68.4%  68.4%    68.4% 
 6th Grade 53.3%  46.7%     
 7th Grade 69.2%  69.2%  76.9%   


Green Mountain School rating compared to average state, county and city schools ratings:



Cowlitz County:


Woodland, WA:


Green Mountain School:




Student Demographics 


October 2011                                                                        152

May 2012                                                                              154


Male                                                                       80        52.6%

Female                                                                    72        47.4%

Race/Ethnicity (0ctober 2011) 

Hispanic                                                                   8          5.3%

White                                                                   142         93.4%

Two or More Races                                                  2           1.3%

Free/Reduced Lunch                                                80        51.9%

Foster Care                                                              3           1.9%

Staff Education Achievement 

Teachers                                                                                 8

Average Years of Experience                                                    9.5

Master's Degree                                                                 50.0%

% of classes taught by teachers meeting

ESEA highly qualified (HQ) definition                                       75%

Student Attendance                      

Total Expenditures                                           $10097       100%

Central Administration                                           1581         16%

Building Administration                                               0             %

Maintenance and Operations                                   789           8%

Food Services                                                         528           5%

Transportation Services                                           741           7%

Teaching                                                               6128         61%

Other                                                                      329           3%




 Where School-family partnerships contribute to academic success for our students! 


You have the greatest impact on your child’s school performance. Each teacher only has your children for 180 days per year and for less than six hours per day [minus lunch and recess times, art, music, and physical education classes]. It is our expectation that as partners in your child’s education, you will be doing your part as well. As part of any evaluation of student performance, Green Mountain must simultaneously be asking parents the following questions:

  • Does your child read at home each day for at least twenty minutes?
  • Do you read to your child every day?
  • Are math facts gone over daily until they are known automatically?
  • Is there a quiet location in the house for homework time and do you check your child’s homework each night?
  • Is your child sent to school ready for the day with a good breakfast following at least eight hours of sleep?
  • Are after school activities monitored so that your child is not ‘overbooked’ and their stamina compromised?
  • Is your child in school daily [except when they are sick] and not taken out of school for any reason other than illness?   

 At home student learning links:   

 Green Mountain Library Title1/LAP Services  Green Mountain Student Research Page  Content Area Links 


School Use/Parents and Community 

Our PTSA partners provide many significant enhancements.  They provide funding for school and classroom projects, books for our classrooms and library, and many enrichment opportunities for our students with field trips, assembelies, school functions, and individual family needs.  We encourage you to get involved in our school and in PTSA.  Volunteers are trained and work in a variety of positions.  To get involved, call our school office.


School Use: Our school facilities are available for public use by contacting our school office.


Our community members have once again shared their tremendous support for the improvement of our school with the passage of a four year Capital Project Levy. On behalf of our students, staff, and school board I am grateful to extend our deep appreciation for your generosity and support of our students, staff, and school programs. We will be hosting several community meetings in May and June so that we can gather your input and provide timely updates on the progress of our project. These upcoming meetings will be held on May 21st, June 6th, and June 18th. All of these meetings will begin at 6pm and will be held in our Cottage classroom.


We are very grateful for the continual support and communication that we receive from our families and community members for our students and school. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and community meetings.



Joe Jones

Green Mountain School-An Equal Opportunity Employer
The Green Mountain School District complies with all federal rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. This holds true of all district employment and opportunities. Inquiries regarding compliance procedures may be directed to the school district office. The Green Mountain School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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